Happy Christmas!

December 25, 2012



July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

As every schoolchild can tell you, it was on this day in 1776 that the “Declaration of Independence” was signed by the Founding Fathers.  The odd thing about this is that we didnt actually win our Independence from Britain until 1783!  So, we aren’t really celebrating the gaining of our Freedom but our stated Intention to have it.

This strikes me as a very important distinction.  For it is in our declaring of our desires that we begin to set them in motion.  It is so important to take the time to formulate clearly what you want and why you want it.  So often, we get caught up in what we don’t want in our lives and spend a lot of time trying to ‘fix’ it or just complaining about everything that is going ‘wrong’.  But what if instead we took the time to think about what it is that we actually want to happen, or to be, or to do, or to have?  This is a great day to reflect on the new directions you’d like to steer your life.  Clarifying your wishes is an important first step which will start you on the path to gaining your own personal sense of Freedom.  So, pull out a piece of paper (or your trusty typewriter!) and set to writing down your own “Declaration”!


Happy Mother’s Day!

May 13, 2012

“…to have a child… is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”

~Elizabeth Stone

Being a Mother is a strange combination of the most momentous and the most mundane thing you will ever do.  It is cooking and cleaning and nagging with such repetition as to be mind numbing.  But the significance of nurturing and loving in such a deep and profound way cannot be overstated, it leaves you forever altered.  Without question, being a Mother is the most meaningful endeavor of my life and I feel so Blessed to have my two beautiful daughters.

Happy Mother’s Day!


New Beginnings

January 7, 2012

I love the New Year.  It is a time to let the past fade away …

And to turn our focus toward the future …

To see with a fresh outlook and appreciation all that is good in our lives.

Happy New Year!


Care Package 101

November 11, 2011

In honor of Veteran’s Day I thought I’d take you step by step through sending a Care Package to a deployed member of the Armed Forces.   You will need to gather a few supplies before you get started!

1.  An APO/FPO Flat Rate Box, Customs Form & Priority Mail address label, all available from your local Post Office.

2.  Goodies to put in your Care Package.  Snacks, hygiene items, magazines, and games are all good ideas!  Remember all food items must be sealed in their original packages.

3.  Find a soldier to “adopt”.  My two favorite sites for this are: Soldiers’ Angels and Any Soldier.  You will find a wealth of information on both of these sites.

Tape together your box with some good strong packing tape.  Then line the bottom layer with any square-edged items you have.  Fit them as closely together as you can!

Use any small spaces to put little items, such as, gum, playing cards, and travel-sized hygiene items.

Next, layer any odd shaped items.

Make sure to seal anything that could leak in double zip-lock bags.

For your final layer, fill the box with bags of nuts, trail mix, candy … anything that will ‘squish” into the leftover spaces.  Be sure to include a note!  If you’d like a response you may include your email address and/or a self addressed envelope and writing paper.  (No stamps required – deployed soldiers can send letters for free.)

Lastly, seal and address your box.  I like to use a lot of tape as it’s going a long way and often through rugged territory!  I also like to decorate the outside of the box  to make it look more fun. Fill out your customs form and off to the Post Office you go!  The current rate for an APO/FPO Flat Rate Box is $12.95.

Okay, now that you know what to do, what are you waiting for?  The Holidays are a great time to show your appreciation to a soldier who is far from home!

Happy Veteran’s Day!



October 31, 2011


Okay, it is a little scary to see how long I’ve been away!


I’ve had some fun adventures that I’ll be sharing with you soon!


But for today, a picture of the cutest little pumpkin I’ve ever seen … a sweet gift picked up by my children on a recent trip to the pumpkin patch.

Have a Happy Halloween!




Love Notes

June 11, 2011


I love it when I find something  in the shape of a heart which I wouldn’t normally expect to be heart shaped …  it’s like a little love note from Heaven…


Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14, 2011



Operation Christmas Stocking

December 1, 2010


I am the Leader of my daughters’ Frontier Girls Troop …


Every year we do a Troop project I call, “Operation Christmas Stocking”!  We send a dozen stockings filled with goodies to troops who are deployed far from home.  It’s easy enough to do, and you don’t need to send a dozen, just one would bring some cheer to a Soldier far from home!  




We fill them with goodies … candy, snacks, little games, hygiene items, and everyone gets a handmade card.  The girls love this project, they really put their hearts into it and have fun too!   It is also a great way for them to learn about supporting those brave men and women who are making sacrifices to serve our country. 


I box them up, fill out the necessary customs forms … and off they go to bring a little love to those who will be far from home this Holiday Season.


Happy Soldier!  Mission Acomplished!  If you’d like to send something to bring a little joy to a Soldier you can visit these websites to help you get started: Soldiers Angels or Any Soldier .

Go on … what are you waiting for?!