Silver Bella

November 22, 2010


I went to Silver Bella as a complete novice. I knew no one and I had never attended an art event before.  So, I confess to being a little intimidated by the whole thing!  But, within the first few minutes of entering the “Caketini” hosted by the delightful Pamela Keravuori and Sue Elseth I felt warmly embraced by everyone there.  This was one of the most wonderful parts of Silver Bella to me.  Everywhere I went there were friendly faces eager to share an idea or a little chit-chat or even a piece of lace needed for a project.  I felt encouraged, inspired and completely welcomed.



The classes were incredible.  I so enjoyed the opportunity to work with such talented women who previously I had only known from magazines or blogs!  Getting to take a class with Sally Jean Alexander was a dream come true for me!  I had taught myself to solder using her wonderful book, “Pretty Little Things”, going page by page, step by step…  Watching her work was so helpful, and, as any master does, she made it all look so easy!  (NOT!)  And she was completely adorable and fun to boot!


Silver Bella was about so much more than our art … it was about connecting with other women who understand why you’re tempted to spend the grocery money on a piece of vintage jewelry … or why you ‘need’ another card of antique buttons even though you already have more than you could ever use in a lifetime …. or why you must have that roll of vintage wallpaper (not naming names!) even though you have no idea what you’re going to do with it or how on earth you will get it home! More than anything Silver Bella made me realize that my art isn’t just a hobby or a way to make a living … it is a creative force which flows through me, one which brings tremendous joy to my life.  It allows me to create things I love and share them with the world.  And for a few days in Omaha it allowed me to connect with some of the most amazing women I have ever met.  I thought I was a fairly creative person but I left Nebraska gobsmacked at the talent that just seems to flow effortlessly from these clever women!  And all of them are so completely humble about their talent, so quick to give an encouraging word.  Silver Bella was a beautiful, inspiring and empowering event, and one which has left me with more “Sparkle” than I had when I left!  (Could just be the glitter I seem to have all over everything!  But I think I’ll opt for the deeper meaning!)  Thank you  Teresa McFayden for orchestrating such an incredible event!!

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No Place Like Home

November 16, 2010


I just returned home from Silver Bella!  The experience was so wonderful that I’m sure to be rambling on about it for days!  However, there just isn’t anything much better than coming home, now is there?  And to make it even sweeter I got a lovely welcome home from My Englishman and My Pixies…


I was greeted at the airport with a beautiful bouquet of delicate pink roses … my favorite!


Dinner was made!  Delicious homemade Cornish Pasties …


And the best part … not a dirty dish in sight!


This was my first trip away from home by myself and I confess I was a little nervous about leaving everyone behind.  But, you know, now I’m thinking maybe I should do this more often!!



Well, I’m off to Silver Bella tomorrow!  And although I’ve had months to plan, being the Last Minute Lucy type, the last couple of weeks have been like going on a crazy craft scavenger hunt for all the supplies I need to take!


My list has over 80 items on it!  And that’s just craft supplies!  (Who needs clothes?!)


I consider myself a lifetime serious crafter but putting all this together made me think I might be out of my league!


Just a sample of my list … German glass glitter in silver, or clear or colored (how about all of them?!), extra strong glue, a glue stick, diamond glaze, tacky glue, glossy accents (that’s five different glues so far if you’re counting!)…


Chain nose pliers, bent nose pliers, round nose pliers, wire cutters, 20 yards of craft wire in silver or black,  embroidery floss, rhinestone chain, X-acto knife, cutting mat, and don’t forget the tea cup!


Ribbons, trims, laces, assorted textures, sizes and colors …


A 2×10″ piece of soft velvet, a 4-5″ vintage embroidery hoop, bits of fabric, printed tissue, pencils, black fine marker, ruler …


Sewing needle, tapestry needle, beading needle, crochet hook, Dresden German paper shapes … wings, crowns, flowers etc., scissors, paint brushes, sanding block …


Soldering iron and stand, solder, flux, flux brush, sal ammoniac block, hand towels, 2′ of 18ga. round sterling silver wire, ephemera, buttons, rosary chain, silver tinsel, bling, bling and more bling … Oh, did I mention a cookie sheet?  Am I going to have fun or what?!!

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A Stitch in Time

September 24, 2010


I love fabric.  Not in the usual, “Oh, isn’t that pretty?” kind of way.  I love it in an almost obsessional way.  There is just something about a stack of pretty fabrics piled up together that makes my heart sing.  I have a massive cupboard overflowing with fabric and I just love to gaze inside.  All the colors and textures are so appealing and so full of possibilities!  It is the promise of beautiful things just waiting to be created.  And it’s not just the fabric… 


Did I mention I love notions too?  How can you resist a gorgeous jumble of colorful thread?  Well, I don’t even see the point in trying!


Even the pins are hard to resist!  Just look at all those delicious colors!


Oh!  And buttons!  Don’t even get me started on buttons…..could anything be more tempting?  I think not! 

What ordinary things do you find impossible to resist?



August 31, 2010


Hello everyone!  Welcome to Chasing Enchantment!  It’s just incredible how blogging gets under your skin.  It begins when you serendipitously discover a delightful blog and from there you are drawn into another and another and another……  It’s a little like finding seashells on the beach, one catches your eye and you pick it up.  Before you know it, you have a handful of pretty shells, yet, still you want to keep looking for more treasures in the sand.  Soon, your ‘favorite blogs’ list is miles long and you find yourself wanting to reside in this lovely place where all the neighbors are so clever and friendly.  So here I am, very much looking forward to getting to know all of you out there!