My Enchanted Garden

Winter White

February 3, 2011


Even in our mild climate …


Most of the garden lay dormant during the winter months.  But, there is one exception.


Just when things are seeming a bit dreary …


these pretty blooms begin to pop …


bringing a bit of pretty cheer to the winter landscape.


For a few weeks every winter, they put on a brilliant show!


These are called “Blooming Pear” trees. 


I’m not sure why they are pear trees, as they bear no fruit!


And while they produce gorgeous blooms, it happens only once a year.


We enjoy them for a few weeks, until the pretty petals are carried away by the wind.  Then, as if we’d imagined it, they turn back into regular trees!


Lovely and magical while they are here!

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Roses in November

November 5, 2010


Despite it being well into autumn we’re having lovely warm weather (mid 80’s yesterday).  So, my roses are still blooming happily which I love.  I adore the Holidays but I’m truly a summer girl so no complaints here!  I hope you’re having an enjoyable day, whatever the weather!


Garden Delights???

September 20, 2010


Most people in my neighborhood have gardeners.  I don’t.  (I’m sure some of my neighbors wish I did, as my weeds can get the better of me…..but I digress…..)  So, this weekend I thought I’d catch up on deadheading my roses.  If you don’t have roses, “deadheading” refers to cutting off the dead blooms which helps the roses to make new ones, and that is what we’re after, right?!  Even though I put it off, I really like working in the garden.  There is something therapeutic about cutting out the old in anticipation of the new.  And I have to tell you, pulling up weeds is as close to a workout as I’m going to get!  So, while communing with my roses I made a little discovery…..


Now keep in mind, I’m not a bug person by any stretch of the imagination but there was something about this little fellow that was kind of….dare I say….cute? 



Okay, maybe “cute” is a slight exaggeration but you do have to admire the amazing camouflage and detail in such a compact package.  This is one of the larger Praying Mantis I’ve yet to find.  He was about 4 inches long.  Sometimes, the kids will find baby ones in the garden which really are cute! 


What unexpected discoveries have you made lately?


Saint Alban

September 10, 2010


Saint Alban (the rose that is!) resides in my garden.


I adore English roses!  This one is particularly beautiful as it has very long branches that grow in an arching fashion, bending gracefully toward the ground.  It makes me think of a ballerina touching her toes!  Its flowers are a soft creamy yellow.  Yummy!


Thank you for visiting everyone!  Have a wonderful weekend!


Fairies in the Garden

September 3, 2010

humming1Okay, maybe they aren’t actually fairies (although, I’m sure we’ve got those as well!) but they certainly are fairy-like!  I’m talking about the many hummingbirds that live in our garden.  Everyday they are here visiting and are so adorable to watch!  Two or three of them will chase each other round and round the garden, chittering like crazy at each other as they zip here and there!  They remind me of Tinker Bell zooming across the sky and then stopping to hover in one place, then zoom, off again!  Is that Pixie Dust I see?!  Surprisingly, they are quite tame.  Often when you are sitting outside they will come and hover right in front of you, as if to say “hello”.  I was only about two feet away while taking these photographs!


Great party trick!  Can you levitate while drinking?!


If you’d like to make your own hummingbird food, it’s simple!  Boil 4 cups of water, add 1 cup of granulated sugar, stir until dissolved.  Let cool completely!  If you’d like to add a little food coloring for fun you can do that too.  Be patient!  It took a couple of months before our hummingbirds discovered us!  But now I think they are here to stay!


humming5That’s it for me!  I’m off!  Have a lovely weekend everyone!