Far and Away

November 7, 2011

Follow me along this pretty country path …

across the ancient stone bridge …

past the sheep happily grazing on the hill …

through the picture perfect village …

and you will find yourself in another place and time.

This is the beautiful ruin of Castle Corfe in Dorset, England.

Steeped in history, King Edward the Martyr was murdered here in 948 by his scheming step-mother, Queen Elfrida, who wanted to see her own son put on the throne.

The tower was built in the 12th century for King Henry I, son of William the Conqueror.

Sitting high on a hill this impressive castle stood over 60 feet tall.

Its high position and fortified walls kept enemies at bay for hundreds of years.

It is stunning as a ruin today … it must have been spectacular in its day.

The attention to detail is amazing, beautiful archways everywhere.

Castle windows show off the bucolic views of the English countryside.

How many people over the centuries have enjoyed this same idyllic view?

A casualty of the English Civil War, the Castle was ordered to be destroyed by an Act of Parliament in 1646.

Castle Corfe, a place of haunting beauty … I so hope you will visit one day.

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