Miss Lemon

April 5, 2011


I have a sweet little lemon tree growing in an urn in the garden.


It’s one of those miniature varieties, although I’m not sure which one.  I bought it several years ago, and while I’m sure it had a few lemons on it when I brought it home from the nursery, I haven’t seen any since!


It’s produced a few blooms in years past but nothing too dramatic.  But this year, things are a bit different!


This little tree, standing no more than three feet high, is covered with hundreds of blooms!  The fragrance is quite heady … it reminds me of jasmine and can be smelled clear across the garden!


The bees are quite enchanted with it as well!


This little guy was diligently collecting great masses of pollen to carry back to the hive.


Well, fingers crossed that this is a new side of Miss Lemon and that she will shower us with fruit later in the year.  I’ll keep you posted!

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